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Conference Program "Last Page of the History of Czar's Family: Results of Studying the Ekaterinburgh Tragedy"
Invitation to Dr. William R. Maples for Conference Regarding Romanov Remains and Request for Medical Records
Letter to Dr. William Maples from A.N. Avdonin
Order from Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor to request American Forensic Experts to Assist in Identification
Order from the Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor to Conduct Complex Forensic Analysis on Skeletal Remains
Preliminary Report on Skeletal Remains #1-9 found in Ekaterinberg Grave
Preliminary Report Regarding Skeletal Remains #1-9
Preliminary Report: Skeletal Remains #1-9
Preliminary Results of Molecular-Genetic Analysis of Remains
Protocol for Removal of Samples from Romanov Remains for Analysis
Report on Condition of Dental and Skeletal Remains #1-9
Report on July 1992 Examination of Romanov Skeletal Remains from Ekaterinburg in Russian
Russian Document signed by Dr. William R. Maples
Thank You Letter to Dr. William R. Maples for Agreeing to Participate in Forensic Investigation
Thank you Letter to the University of Florida Prestident for Organizing Forensic Experts Team