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Functional performance differences between the Genium and C-Leg prosthetic knees and intact knees
Differences in Military Obstacle Course Performance BetweenThree Energy-Storing and Shock-Adapting Prosthetic Feet inHigh-Functioning Transtibial Amputees: A Double-Blind,Randomized Control Trial.
Crossover study of amputee stair ascent and descent biomechanics usingGenium and C-Leg prostheses with comparison to non-amputee control.
Differences in knee flexion between the Genium and C-Leg microprocessor knees while walking on level ground and ramps.
Play Hands Protective Gloves: Technical Note on Design and Concept.
Effects of the Genium Knee System on Functional Level, Stair Ambulation, Perceptive and Economic Outcomes In Transfemoral Amputees.
Effects of the Genium Microprocessor Knee System on Knee Moment Symmetry During Hill Walking.
Correlations between residual limb length and joint moments during sitting and standing movements in transfemoral amputees.
Differences in myoelectric and body-powered upper-limb prostheses: Systematic literature review.