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Simplifying Deferred Taxes.
Proposed Leasing Standard: Impact on the Airline Industry.
Measuring the Economic Promise Imbedded in Stock Options.
Consolidation Theories and Push-Down Accounting: Achieving Global Convergence.
Tracking the Footprints of Anonymous Defamation in Cyberspace: A Review of the Law and Technology.
Twibel: A matter of Internet privacy.
Leveraging integrated information systems to enhance strategic flexibility and performance: The enabling role of enterprise risk management.
No news is bad news: Do PCAOB part II reports have an effect on annually inspected firms’ audit fees and audit quality?
The Unintended Consequences of Sarbanes-Oxley on Technology Innovation and Supply Chain Integration.
Incorporating Information Technology Considerations Into an Expanded Model of Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting.
Matching electronic communication media and audit tasks.
The role of strategic enterprise risk management and organizational flexibility in easing new regulatory compliance.
Competing pressures of risk and absorptivecapacity potential on commitment andinformation sharing in global supply chains.
Tracking Down Anonymous Internet Abusers: Who Is John Doe?
Twibel: The Intersection of Twitter and Libel.
Operating Cash Flows, Cash Recovery Rates And Internal Rates Of Return.