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More Than Mere Ripples: The Interwoven Complexity of Female Incarceration and the African-American Family.
Law Enforcement Officers: The Challenge(s) of AssistingCitizens Who Have Alzheimer’sDisease and Maintaining Safety.
Answering the Call for More Minority Police Officers: What Barriers Ring Out?
Law Enforcement Officers: Their Perception of Personal Safety and Job Performance.
Closing the Loop: Law Enforcement Officers’ Perception of Interagency Cooperation.
Criminal Justice Interns’ Observations of Misconduct: An Exploratory Study.
Utilization of a Systems Training Modelto Enhance Community Policing withSeriously Mentally Ill Persons.
Law Enforcement Officers: Perspectives on Race, Credibility, and the Community.
Perpetrators of Child Abuse: Conceptualizing Culture as a Way of Assisting Intervention.