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An Investigation of Commercially Available Batteries
Apneic Oxygenation: A Method to Prolong the Period of Safe Apnea
Cartel Crisis: The Rise of Mexican Drug Cartels and the Intensification of Violence in Mexico Since 2006
Change in Animal Policies Regarding Natural Disasters in Florida.
Chasing Enantioselectivity – Synthesis of Chiral α-Quaternary Carboxylic Acid Building Blocks
Cultural Competency for Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists Combatting Health Disparities
Employing Occupational Therapy to Enhance Student Well-being at FGCU
Improved Cell Electroporation Device
In Vivo Imaging of Biocompatibility and Toxicity of Green Synthesized Geraniol Coated Ag Nanoparticles on Zebrafish Embryo Development
Internship, Fieldwork, and Research on the Study of Wetland Microbial Indicators at Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Fort Myers, Florida
Ketamine Gargle for the Prevention of Postoperative Sore Throat
Modeling Sound Propagation in the Context of Underwater Acoustics
Monitoring Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll Concentrations Using Satellite Imagery: A Case Study From The West Florida Shelf
Satellite-Measured Chlorophyll and Sea Surface Temperature Variability off the Pacific Northwest Coast and its Influence on the Migratory Tracks of Elephant Seals - Mirounga angustirostris
Single Ag Nanoparticle Optical Probes for the Study of Multidrug ABC Membrane Transporters in Single Living MRSA Cells