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Takings and Tax Revenue: Fiscal Impacts of Eminent Domain

Title: Takings and Tax Revenue: Fiscal Impacts of Eminent Domain.
Name(s): Kerekes, Carrie B., author
Stansel, Dean, author
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Article
Date Issued: 2016-01-01
Language(s): English
Abstract: In the landmark 2005 Kelo case, the Supreme Court ruled that eminent domain takings for private development constituted permissible “public use” because of their potential to produce higher revenue. This paper provides the first examination of that relationship between eminent domain activity and state and local revenue. We find virtually no evidence of a positive relationship between the number of eminent domain takings for private use (such as the one that led to the Kelo decision) and the level of revenue. We find some limited evidence of a negative relationship between eminent domain and future revenue growth.
Identifier: 10.1515/rle-2015-0001 (doi), fgcu_ir_000040 (IID), (uri)
Subject(s): eminent domain
state tax revenue
local tax revenue
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