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Szczygiel, Stacy, Marieb College of Health & Human Services
Ciccone, Alexandra, Marieb College of Health & Human Services


PID Fullname Research Interests Email Status Publications
Min Yong-Taek Min Publications
Wenk Julieta Wenk Publications
Sabella Russell Sabella Publications
Tilman Ann Tilman Publications
McGuire Jason McGuire Publications
Bartley Alise Bartley Publications
St. Laurent Pamela St. Laurent Publications
Faris Joan Faris Publications
St. Hill Halcyon St. Hill Publications
Landy Karen Landy Publications
Shamus Eric Shamus Publications
Felke Thomas Felke Publications
Allen Denise Allen Publications
Hook Susan Hook Publications
Swanson Verner Swanson Publications
Ruder Shirley Ruder Publications
Burkett Paul Burkett Publications
Cordova Mitchell Cordova Publications
King Rickey King Publications
Sadighi Tammy Sadighi Publications
Londahl-Ramsey Virginia Londahl-Ramsey Publications
Davis-Huffman Paula Davis-Huffman Publications
Swayne Cheryl Swayne Publications
Belanger Brigitte Belanger Publications
Young Susan Young Publications
Myers Edwin Myers Publications
Fabrizi Sarah Fabrizi Publications
Wright Sharon Wright Publications
Walters Judith Walters Publications
Harner Anne Harner Publications
Downes Loureen Downes Publications
Daramola Charles Daramola Publications
van Duijn Arie van Duijn Publications
Jaffe Lynn Jaffe Publications
Crews Douglas Crews Publications
Hawkes Robert Hawkes Publications
Finn Abbe Finn Publications
van Duijn Jacqueline van Duijn Publications
Lee Kathleen Lee Publications
Spiegel Rosann Spiegel Publications
Murray Elizabeth Murray Publications
Hess Barbara Hess Publications
Wolf Donna Wolf Publications
Colmer Maria Colmer Publications
Hogg Russell Hogg Publications
Glacken Joan Glacken Publications
Reynolds William Reynolds Publications
Negroni Lirio Negroni Publications
Gupta Jayanta Gupta Publications
Mullins Kristina Mullins Publications
Robbins Helen Robbins Publications
Kahar Payal Kahar Publications
Guzman Nelson Guzman Publications
Carroll Lori Carroll Publications
Lynn Melissa Lynn Publications
Nolan Anne Nolan Publications
Ingram Katherine Ingram Publications
Hahn Valerie Hahn Publications
Ellis Tina Ellis Publications
Elokda Ahmed Elokda Publications
Bruster Belinda Bruster Publications
Hunt Dennis Hunt Publications
Jani Nairruti Jani Publications
Pignataro Rose Pignataro Publications
Jeffreys Heil Renee Jeffreys Heil Publications
Evans Amanda Evans Publications
Venglar Mollie Venglar Publications
Reuter Peter Reuter Publications
Donald Ellen Donald Publications
Black Stephen Black Publications
Stecher Jo Stecher Publications
Krupp Constance Krupp Publications
Craddock Jason Craddock Publications
Isaacs Madelyn Isaacs Publications
Angeletti Michelle Angeletti Publications
Bachenberg Molli Bachenberg Publications
Zemplinski Julie Zemplinski Publications

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