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Cooke, Rachel Marie, Bouché, Anne-Marie
Poulakis, Gregg R, Urakawa, Hidetoshi, Stevens, Philip W., DeAngelo, Jacquelyn A., Timmers, Amy A., Grubbs, R.Dean, Fisk, Aaron T., Olin, Jill A.


PID Fullname Research Interests Email Status Publications
Swanson Magdalin Swanson Publications
Mendes Jessica Mendes Publications
Whitney Premila Whitney Publications
Swanson Verner Swanson Publications
Jackson Steven Jackson Publications
Hook Susan Hook Publications
Allen Denise Allen Publications
Blumenstein Patricia Blumenstein Publications
Kalich Veronica Kalich Publications
Satkoski Courtney Satkoski Publications
Arguelles Ingrid Arguelles Publications
Sun Huijiao Sun Publications
Schultz Diana Schultz Publications
Bishop Loren Bishop Publications
Mattoni Sandra Mattoni Publications
Stanley Christopher Stanley Publications
Yusin Dmitry Yusin Publications
Stout Anne Stout Publications
Petry Bethany Petry Publications
Perry Jeffrey Perry Publications
Baxter Mathew Baxter Publications
Tomasino Arthur Tomasino Publications
Newman Patrick Newman Publications
Werner Jansen Werner Publications
Hentrup Miles Hentrup Publications
Cuiffi Joseph Cuiffi Publications
Costley Carolyn Costley Publications
McGuire Jason McGuire Publications
Mitsch William Mitsch Publications
Reycraft Kimberly Reycraft Publications
Greene Jackie Greene Publications
Taylor Marcia Taylor Publications
Renard Monika Renard Publications
Tilman Ann Tilman Publications
Bowley Chealsye Bowley Publications
Rokusek Steve Rokusek Publications
van Duijn Arie van Duijn Publications
Min Yong-Taek Min Publications
El-Hefnawy Talal El-Hefnawy Publications
Zemplinski Julie Zemplinski Publications
Zhao Fan Zhao Publications
Carter Cecil Carter Publications
Jaffe Lynn Jaffe Publications
Sabella Russell Sabella Publications
Kerekes Carrie Kerekes Publications
Daramola Charles Daramola Publications
Crews Douglas Crews Publications
Hawkes Robert Hawkes Publications
Savarese Michael Savarese Publications
Watanabe Kenji Watanabe Publications
Murray Elizabeth Murray Publications
Brown David Brown Publications
Spiegel Rosann Spiegel Publications
Finn Abbe Finn Publications
Epple Michael Epple Publications
Walsh-Haney Heather Walsh-Haney Publications
Gras Delphine Gras Publications
Cassani Mary Kay Cassani Publications
Elgart Alison Elgart Publications
Everham Edwin Everham Publications
Meij Jan-Martijn Meij Publications
Tolhurst Fiona Tolhurst Publications
Rohrer Scott Rohrer Publications
Keller Shawn Keller Publications
Jose Felix Jose Publications
Crone-Romanovski Mary Crone-Romanovski Publications
Gregerson Robert Gregerson Publications
Kauanui Sandra Kauanui Publications
Frost Laura Frost Publications
Wisnom Mary Wisnom Publications
Ruder Shirley Ruder Publications
Wilder Lynn Wilder Publications
Bergerson Peter Bergerson Publications
Zalewski Janusz Zalewski Publications
Wimberley Edward Wimberley Publications
Rumbold Darren Rumbold Publications
Tarnowski Kenneth Tarnowski Publications
Bourgeois Martin Bourgeois Publications
Bartrop Paul Bartrop Publications
Beatty Thomas Beatty Publications
Haytko Diana Haytko Publications
Dent Eric Dent Publications
Duke L. Donald Duke Publications
Rubens Arthur Rubens Publications
Sughrue Jennifer Sughrue Publications
Wilkerson Judy Wilkerson Publications
Totaro Rebecca Totaro Publications
Mendible Myra Mendible Publications
Brock James Brock Publications
Seay Pamella Seay Publications
Fauerbach Michael Fauerbach Publications
Vazquez-Montilla Elia Vazquez-Montilla Publications
Hambrick Mary Hambrick Publications
Rodriguez Walter Rodriguez Publications
Nakatani Kazuo Nakatani Publications
Westley Christopher Westley Publications
Bhargava Vivek Bhargava Publications
Dobbert Duane Dobbert Publications
Jones Travis Jones Publications
McDonald Michael McDonald Publications
St. Hill Halcyon St. Hill Publications
Fay Patricia Fay Publications
Barreto Jose Barreto Publications
Rosenthal Martha Rosenthal Publications
Michael Scott Michael Publications
Isern Sharon Isern Publications
Placid Raymond Placid Publications
Cecil Howard Cecil Publications
Baron Michael Baron Publications
Landy Karen Landy Publications
Bledsoe Carol Bledsoe Publications
Cavin Barry Cavin Publications
Wilkinson Andrew Wilkinson Publications
Darnell Debra Darnell Publications
Millner Jesse Millner Publications
Nelson Chad Nelson Publications
Thomas Brenda Thomas Publications
Hess Barbara Hess Publications
Wilkinson Neil Wilkinson Publications
Finley Penny Finley Publications
Faris Joan Faris Publications
van Duijn Jacqueline van Duijn Publications
Conrecode Jacqueline Conrecode Publications
Wolf Donna Wolf Publications
Lee Kathleen Lee Publications
Kratt Diane Kratt Publications
Griffin Julianna Griffin Publications
Benvie Amy Benvie Publications
Hefner Ronald Hefner Publications
Szczesny Paul Szczesny Publications
Southard Larry Southard Publications
Maldonado Sandra Maldonado Publications
Vallier Emily Vallier Publications
Towne Amy Towne Publications
Huffman Tanya Huffman Publications
Walch Samuel Walch Publications
Allen Jill Allen Publications
Burkett Paul Burkett Publications
Scheff Steven Scheff Publications
Cornelius Lori Cornelius Publications
Dieppa Allison Dieppa Publications
Bolduc-Simpson Sheila Bolduc-Simpson Publications
DeMarchi Thomas DeMarchi Publications
Allen Kevin Allen Publications
Planas Juan-Antonio Planas Publications
Evers Chad Evers Publications
Bianco Nicholas Bianco Publications
Sullivan Shaun Sullivan Publications
Neubek Matthew Neubek Publications
Lopez Bibiana Lopez Publications
Legge Nicole Legge Publications
Case Francis Case Publications
Awad Enas Awad Publications
Ryan Karen Ryan Publications
Tullo Kristine Tullo Publications
Knoche Harry Knoche Publications
Abercrombie Mary Abercrombie Publications
Weatherford Elizabeth Weatherford Publications
Schuss Tatiana Schuss Publications
Leah Joseph Leah Publications
Barbosa Alayde Barbosa Publications
Taylor Angel Taylor Publications
Colding Linda Colding Publications
Humphries Robert Humphries Publications
Campbell Ian Campbell Publications
Acheampong Daniel Acheampong Publications
Rolle Roderick Rolle Publications
Tait - Ripperdan Rachel Tait - Ripperdan Publications
Carlin Anna Carlin Publications
Petersen David Petersen Publications
Boyd Christopher Boyd Publications
Upchurch Randall Upchurch Publications
Parsons Michael Parsons Publications
Ouverson Marisa Ouverson Publications
Bacigalupi Allison Bacigalupi Publications
McKenna Tara McKenna Publications
Rowland Linda Rowland Publications
Cooke Rachel Cooke Publications
Bhatt Anjana Bhatt Publications
Cordova Mitchell Cordova Publications
Albergo Cathy Albergo Publications
Corcoran Peter Corcoran Publications
Talbott Everett Talbott Publications
Nolan Anne Nolan Publications
Rhea Jessica Rhea Publications
Behr Richard Behr Publications
Miller Kathleen Miller Publications
Beatty Robert Beatty Publications
Isaacs Madelyn Isaacs Publications
O'Neill Robert O'Neill Publications
Renk Clifford Renk Publications
Banyan Margaret Banyan Publications
Srivastava Rajesh Srivastava Publications
Tolley Gregory Tolley Publications
Aho Kevin Aho Publications
Foote Nicola Foote Publications
Weeks Henry Weeks Publications
Guo Dahai Guo Publications
Aboulnasr Khaled Aboulnasr Publications
Navaratna Jayanga Menaka Navaratna Publications
Green Roger Green Publications
Shamus Eric Shamus Publications
Jackson Kimberly Jackson Publications
Kenny Robert Kenny Publications
Kimbler Kristopher Kimbler Publications
Sheep Mathew Sheep Publications
Hogg Russell Hogg Publications
Koufakou Anna Koufakou Publications
Colmer Maria Colmer Publications
Carlson Erik Carlson Publications
Negroni Lirio Negroni Publications
Reynolds William Reynolds Publications
Strahorn Eric Strahorn Publications
Eichbauer Melodie Eichbauer Publications
Cudjoe Joseph Cudjoe Publications
Fugate David Fugate Publications
Griffis John Griffis Publications
MacDonald James MacDonald Publications
Urakawa Hidetoshi Urakawa Publications
Muller Joanne Muller Publications
Hartley Anne Hartley Publications
Wells Ludmilla Wells Publications
Hair Thomas Hair Publications
Feng Peng Feng Publications
Jiang Yabing Jiang Publications
Fraser Steven Fraser Publications
Angeletti Michelle Angeletti Publications
Kirche Elias Kirche Publications
Yazici Hulya Yazici Publications
Kim Jong-Yeop Kim Publications
Diotalevi Robert Diotalevi Publications
Swaleheen Mushfiq Swaleheen Publications
Sever Brion Sever Publications
Nguyen Long Nguyen Publications
Villiers Claude Villiers Publications
Aminian Farshad Aminian Publications
Millner Lyn Millner Publications
Whitehouse Glenn Whitehouse Publications
Tankei Sachiko Tankei Publications
Simpson Mark Simpson Publications
Roca Maria Roca Publications
BaDirector Ashraf BaDirector Publications
Kunberger Tanya Kunberger Publications
Sheng Yinghong Sheng Publications
Sakharuk Alexander Sakharuk Publications
Coticone Sulekha Coticone Publications
Kakareka Joseph Kakareka Publications
Boucher Derrick Boucher Publications
Chou Ju Chou Publications
Ueda Takashi Ueda Publications
Owen Andrew Owen Publications
Burgess Deanna Burgess Publications
Rohrbacher Michael Rohrbacher Publications
Salmond Michael Salmond Publications
Voytek Mary Voytek Publications
Paine Morgan Paine Publications
Torres Jorge Torres Publications
Fernandez Daniel Fernandez Publications
Pinello Arianna Pinello Publications
Glacken Joan Glacken Publications
Bouche Anne-Marie Bouche Publications
Stites Barbara Stites Publications
McShane Megan McShane Publications
Brown Trent Brown Publications
Cimarusti Thomas Cimarusti Publications
Chesnutt Rodham Chesnutt Publications
Houdyshell Michael Houdyshell Publications
Carncross Anne Carncross Publications
Londahl-Ramsey Virginia Londahl-Ramsey Publications
Davis-Huffman Paula Davis-Huffman Publications
Gonzalez Fernando Gonzalez Publications
Buckley Ingrid Buckley Publications
Gischel Carolynne Gischel Publications
Sadighi Tammy Sadighi Publications
Downes Loureen Downes Publications
Swayne Cheryl Swayne Publications
Harner Anne Harner Publications
Brooks Cara Brooks Publications
Girimurugan Senthil Balaji Girimurugan Publications
Insko Erik Insko Publications
Kern Daniel Kern Publications
Condori Alberto Condori Publications
Schnackenberg F. Schnackenberg Publications
Johnson Katherine Johnson Publications
Johnson Brian Johnson Publications
Li Shuang Li Publications
Bovard Brian Bovard Publications
Skaza-Acosta Heather Skaza-Acosta Publications
Thomas Serge Thomas Publications
Tran Gina Tran Publications
Wright-Isak Christine Wright-Isak Publications
Douglass James Douglass Publications
Richard Joelle Richard Publications
Gable Frank Gable Publications
Lefevre Kara Lefevre Publications
Kahar Payal Kahar Publications
Totterdale Robert Totterdale Publications
Asfour Paul Asfour Publications
Mattison Laci Mattison Publications
Robbins Helen Robbins Publications
Mullins Kristina Mullins Publications
Ramos Marta Ramos Publications
Lipton Barry Lipton Publications
Garcia Luis Garcia Publications
Al-Hakim Mohamad Al-Hakim Publications
Culbertson Carolyn Culbertson Publications
Lee Eun Young Lee Publications
Cooper Susan Cooper Publications
Riley Jeffrey Riley Publications
Cribbs Judson Cribbs Publications
Braddy Jon Braddy Publications
Gupta Gopal Gupta Publications
Walch Mary Walch Publications
Byrne-Bailey Kathryne Byrne-Bailey Publications
DeJarnette Jan DeJarnette Publications
Liao Jiehong Liao Publications
Mujtaba Mustafa Mujtaba Publications
Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Publications
Lura Derek Lura Publications
Valencia Adrian Valencia Publications
Herman John Herman Publications
Lee Kerry Lee Publications
Scott Jennifer Scott Publications
Collier David Collier Publications
MacDiarmid Andrew MacDiarmid Publications
Swanson Mary Swanson Publications
Desmore Keiana Desmore Publications
Machlin Paula Machlin Publications
Hung-Simons Olivia Hung-Simons Publications
Stecher Jo Stecher Publications
Donlan Rebecca Donlan Publications
Salmond Jacqueline Salmond Publications
Faatz Mary Faatz Publications
Williams George Williams Publications
Lingo James Lingo Publications
Gamble-Francis Jeannine Gamble-Francis Publications
Bevins Brendan Bevins Publications
Lee LaToya Lee Publications
Rubin Rita Rubin Publications
Coleman Crystal Coleman Publications
Battey Bruce Battey Publications
Dennison Rodney Dennison Publications
Alter-Kay Julie Alter-Kay Publications
Alvanas Shari Alvanas Publications
Beckwith Thomas Beckwith Publications
Burr Lindsey Burr Publications
Kirk Patti Kirk Publications
Knibbs Locksley Knibbs Publications
Rosenthal Danielle Rosenthal Publications
Lynn Melissa Lynn Publications
Goulet-Miller Felicia Goulet-Miller Publications
Hollingshead Brandon Hollingshead Publications
Macbeth Jennifer Macbeth Publications
Campbell Rachel Campbell Publications
Groch Joseph Groch Publications
Palmtag Matthew Palmtag Publications
Fraser James Fraser Publications
Phillips Jessica Phillips Publications
Ellis Tina Ellis Publications
Ingram Katherine Ingram Publications
Hahn Valerie Hahn Publications
McDonald Felicidad McDonald Publications
O'Bryan Simone O'Bryan Publications
Carroll Lori Carroll Publications
Wahlberg Katherine Wahlberg Publications
Kitchen Deeb Kitchen Publications
Osgood Jeffrey Osgood Publications
Steckler David Steckler Publications
Compagnucci Barbara Compagnucci Publications
LaOrden Joyce LaOrden Publications
Elek Jason Elek Publications
Jeannot Christopher Jeannot Publications
Niner Patrick Niner Publications
Humann Heather Humann Publications
Henshon Suzanna Henshon Publications
Griffin Conan Griffin Publications
Paikoff Sari Paikoff Publications
Hoyt Eugene Hoyt Publications
St. Laurent Pamela St. Laurent Publications
Baer Erica Baer Publications
Sweeney Carol Sweeney Publications
Kennedy Michael Kennedy Publications
Nulman Pamela Nulman Publications
Parke Amanda Parke Publications
Zhang Xiaofei Zhang Publications
Volkan Ara Volkan Publications
Glatthaar Mary Glatthaar Publications
Van Auken Stuart Van Auken Publications
VandeBurgt Melissa VandeBurgt Publications
Allen Marcus Allen Publications
Komisar Simeon Komisar Publications
Lusht Kenneth Lusht Publications
Buzasi Derek Buzasi Publications
Snapp Heather Snapp Publications
Johnston Vickie Johnston Publications
McGaha Johnny McGaha Publications
King Rickey King Publications
Elliott Elizabeth Elliott Publications
Mancini Miles Mancini Publications
Giambo Debra Giambo Publications
Hyun Eunsook Hyun Publications
Szecsi Tunde Szecsi Publications
Kirby Dawn Kirby Publications
Rea Dorothy Rea Publications
Jones Troy Jones Publications
Roberts Thomas Roberts Publications
VanderMeer Gerritt VanderMeer Publications
Craddock Jason Craddock Publications
Martelli Cynthia Martelli Publications
Gilbert Shelby Gilbert Publications
Safak Elif Safak Publications
Ellis Jerald Ellis Publications
Beard Regina Beard Publications
Carothers Douglas Carothers Publications
Felke Thomas Felke Publications
Geiger Robert Geiger Publications
Kleeger Jeffrey Kleeger Publications
Woolschlager John Woolschlager Publications
Reilly John Reilly Publications
Benford Tanya Benford Publications
Alexakis George Alexakis Publications
Otto Eric Otto Publications
Ramdeen Collin Ramdeen Publications
Yih Tachung Yih Publications
Barringer Tony Barringer Publications
Lee Scott Lee Publications
Gunnels Charles Gunnels Publications
Brezina Sherie Brezina Publications
De Welde Kristine De Welde Publications
Shahul Hameed Jaffar Ali Shahul Hameed Publications
Elokda Ahmed Elokda Publications
Schuller Kelly Schuller Publications
Coughlin Richard Coughlin Publications
McElroy Gary McElroy Publications
Shambayati Hootan Shambayati Publications
Pavelka Sandra Pavelka Publications
Lindsey Charles Lindsey Publications
Papkov Galen Papkov Publications
Rottig Daniel Rottig Publications
Motley Clay Motley Publications
Zager Mary Ann Zager Publications
Tolchin Karen Tolchin Publications
Schoenfeld Gerald Schoenfeld Publications
Segal Gerald Segal Publications
Wang Xiaoxue Wang Publications
Thomas David Thomas Publications
Cruz-Alvarez Marilyn Cruz-Alvarez Publications
Allman Phillip Allman Publications
Sanders William Sanders Publications
Jackson Bette Jackson Publications
Erdman Robert Erdman Publications
Cross Randall Cross Publications
Croshaw Dean Croshaw Publications
Demers Nora Demers Publications
Goebel Anna Goebel Publications
Walters Judith Walters Publications
Zidek Lisa Zidek Publications
Jiang Lan Jiang Publications
Belanger Brigitte Belanger Publications
Wynekoop Judy Wynekoop Publications
Fabrizi Sarah Fabrizi Publications
Myers Edwin Myers Publications
Wright Sharon Wright Publications
Young Susan Young Publications
Bruster Belinda Bruster Publications
Jani Nairruti Jani Publications
DeWees Mari DeWees Publications
Evans Amanda Evans Publications
Thornhill Theodore Thornhill Publications
Bouldin Elizabeth Bouldin Publications
Locascio William Locascio Publications
Davey Frances Davey Publications
Cole Michael Cole Publications
Salapska-Gelleri Joanna Salapska-Gelleri Publications
Black Stephen Black Publications
Pignataro Rose Pignataro Publications
Jeffreys Heil Renee Jeffreys Heil Publications
Felton Shawn Felton Publications
Reuter Peter Reuter Publications
Donald Ellen Donald Publications
Hunt Dennis Hunt Publications
Venglar Mollie Venglar Publications
Lee Robert Lee Publications
DiMattina Christopher DiMattina Publications
Andersen Stacy Andersen Publications
Reiners Derek Reiners Publications
Leary Terence Leary Publications
Ross Joseph Ross Publications
Petricevic Vanja Petricevic Publications
O'Neil Kevin O'Neil Publications
Cox David Cox Publications
Rivera Marianela Rivera Publications
Stork Michele Stork Publications
Arseneau Eric Arseneau Publications
Zhang Jing Shun Zhang Publications
Stefaniuk Thomas Stefaniuk Publications
Triscari Robert Triscari Publications
Sugimori Masami Sugimori Publications
Randall Craig Randall Publications
Manegold Jenny Manegold Publications
Thomson Ashley Thomson Publications
Perretti Gizelle Perretti Publications
Gupta Jayanta Gupta Publications
Guzman Nelson Guzman Publications
Johnston Danvers Johnston Publications
Bondehagen Diane Bondehagen Publications
Crayton Lisa Crayton Publications
Harger Kaitlyn Harger Publications
Biehl Amelia Biehl Publications
McManus Gregory McManus Publications
Hutchinson Jeffrey Hutchinson Publications
Mirjafari Arsalan Mirjafari Publications
Davies Kevin Davies Publications
Beharry Zanna Beharry Publications
Nicolas Antoine Nicolas Publications
Paull Daniel Paull Publications
Boyce Greg Boyce Publications
Rhodes Lyndsay Rhodes Publications
Endrinal Christopher Endrinal Publications
Longenhagen Greg Longenhagen Publications
Gingras Patricia Gingras Publications
Bacalzo Daniel Bacalzo Publications
Krupp Constance Krupp Publications
Szabo Kyle Szabo Publications
Bahr Jason Bahr Publications
Bachenberg Molli Bachenberg Publications
Schaffer Bryan Schaffer Publications
Fitch Holly Fitch Publications
Jordan Christina Jordan Publications
Guerrero Silvia Guerrero Publications
Halter Ashleigh Halter Publications
Nehamkin Beth Nehamkin Publications
Gaynor Brenda Gaynor Publications
Kroeger Rebecca Kroeger Publications

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