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Mina Edison addressing an Moral Re-armament Conference in San Francisco, California
Mina Edison and Frank Buchman at Yosemite National Park (Moral Re-armament)
Mina Edison and Louis B. Mayer (Moral Re-armament)
Mina Edison at Louis B. Mayer's Luncheon (Moral Re-armament)
Mina Edison listening and Frank Buchman speaking at Moral Re-armament Event.
Mina Edison Making and Address in California (Moral Re-armament)
Mina Edison speaking in San Francisco, California
Newspaper Clipping Concerning the Opening of Edison Park
Photograph of MRA (Moral Re-Armament) group with Mina Edison and the Newtons
Signed portrait of Mina Edison
Thomas and Mina Edison in front of the Statue at Entrance to Edison Park
Thomas and Mina Edison with James Newton in Front of Edison Park Statue
Thomas Edison, Mina Edison and James D. Newton Standing in Front of Statue at the Entrance to Edison Park