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Data bases for use in fish and wildlife mitigation planning in Tampa Bay, Florida
Demonstration of Littoral Zone Habitat Restoration Alternatives (Designs) Adjacent to an Industrial Waterway
Development of a Process to Track the Status of Chlorophyll and Light Attenuation to Support Seagrass Restoration Goals in Tampa Bay
Estimates of Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus and Total Suspended Solids to Tampa Bay, Florida
Evaluation of the Tools Available to Assess the Potential Impacts of Unplanned Pollutant Releases to Tampa Bay
Exotic/Invasive Species Control Manual for Mangrove Forest Areas
GIS Mapping of Boom Locations and Other Information Needed for Tampa Bay Oil Spill Contigency Plan
Groundwater/Surfacewater Interactions in Tampa Bay
Hard Bottom Mapping of Tampa Bay
Hydrologic Aspects of Freshening Upper Old Tampa Bay, Florida
Mitigation Criteria for Tampa Bay
Monitoring Bay Scallop Recovery and Stocking Efforts in Tampa Bay
Oligohaline Areas in Tampa Bay Tributaries
Review of Tampa Bay Information for Interim Nutrient Budgets and Historical Loadings of Bay Segments
Science Advisory Group Workshop on Sediment Assessment in Tampa Bay
Statistical Analysis of the Tampa Bay National Estuary Program 1993 Benthic Survey
Summary of recent trends in seagrass distributions in southwest Florida coastal waters
Tampa Bay Sediment Quality Workshop
Tidal Flow in Selected Areas of Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor, Florida, 1995-96